Law Enforcement Sales

RRA Law Enforcement and Government Restricted Firearms

Rock River Arms LE Restricted firearms models can be viewed at the RRA LE Rifles and RRA LE PDW SBR links directly above.

Individual Officer Purchases

Of LE Restricted Firearms and High Capacity Magazines

Individual officer firearms purchases may be shipped to a licensed dealer in the officer’s locale, or, where permitted by State and Local law and Department policy, orders for Individual Officer Purchase may be authorized by and shipped to your department. Such orders must be accompanied by an original signed copy, on official department letterhead, of the "Individual Officer Purchase Statement" letter. A downloadable sample PDF of the letter is available here.

In all cases, orders must be paid in full prior to shipment.

Law Enforcement Agency Purchases

Of LE Restricted Firearms and High Capacity Magazines

Law Enforcement and Government Agencies may purchase directly from Rock River Arms. Orders must be on an official department purchase order and be accompanied by a Federal Excise Tax Exemption Certificate. A downloadable PDF of the Exemption Certificate is available here.


RRA Law Enforcement/Government Sales Office:


Rock River Arms, Inc. - Tel: 866-980-7625 / Fax: 309-792-5781 / Email:


RRA Law Enforcement Sales Representatives


Jim Peck - Tel: 773-575-9829 / Email:

Shane Lewis - Tel: 702-301-8675 / Email:

Philip Hemphill - Tel: 601-955-7660 / Email:

Mark Hanssen - Tel: 563-940-3286

Tom Carbone - Tel: 305-923-5455 / Email:


RRA International LE and Government Sales Representative


Mark Domagtoy - Tel: 727-251-8493 / Email:


RRA International Military/National Police & US DOD/Federal Agencies


Joseph Stoll - Tel: 866-322-2767 (ARMS) / Email:


RRA LE Armorers Courses


Ron Carter - Tel: 931-243-4928 / Email: