LAR-8 .308/7.62

NOTICE - RRA LAR-8 Parts Interchangeability
Limited Time Special! LAR-8 Varmint A4 - Chrome Moly
Limited Time Special! LAR-8 Elite Operator - Chrome LIned
LAR-8 X-Series X-1 Rifle
LAR-8 Mid-Length A4
LAR-8 Standard A4
LAR-8 Elite Operator
LAR-8 Standard Operator
LAR-8 Varmint A4
NEW! LAR-8 Predator HP Mid-Length
NEW! LAR-8 Predator HP
NEW! LAR-8M .243 Win Predator HP
NEW! LAR-8M 6.5 Creedmoor Predator HP
LAR-8 Complete Upper Halves
LAR-8 Complete Lower Halves
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