Item Number Description Price Select
308A0072B LAR-8 action spring, standard Price: $5.00

308A0072C LAR-8 action spring, 14.5 inch Price: $5.00

AR0075 Buttplate Price: $3.00

AR0076 Buttplate screw Price: $3.00

AR0077PASY Trap door assembly, plastic Price: $5.00

AR0078 Rear swivel screw Price: $1.00

AR0079 Trap door hinge pin Price: $0.75

AR0080 Trap door hinge Price: $3.00

AR0081 Rear sling swivel Price: $2.75

AR0082 Pistol grip screw Price: $1.00

AR0083 Lock washer Price: $0.50

AR0084H Hogue pistol grip, black Price: $22.00

AR0085 Safety detent spring Price: $0.50

AR0086 Safety detent Price: $0.75

AR0087NM Hammer and trigger pin, NM, each (2 required) Price: $2.00

AR0088 Magazine release button (2 required) Price: $2.00

308A0089 LAR-8 magazine catch spring Price: $0.75

AR0090 Trigger guard pivot roll pin Price: $0.50

AR0091 Trigger guard Price: $5.00

AR0092 Trigger spring Price: $1.00

AR0093NMK RRA Two Stage Match Trigger Kit

With 4.5 to 5 pound pull weight. Note: comes with yellow instruction card.

Price: $95.00

3080096 LAR-8 pivot pin Price: $7.50

AR0097 Pivot pin spring Price: $0.50

AR0098 Pivot pin detent Price: $0.50

308A0099 LAR-8 magazine catch Price: $7.75

308A0099B LAR-8 magazine catch pin Price: $4.25

308A0100 LAR-8 bolt catch spring Price: $0.75

308A0101 LAR-8 bolt stop pin Price: $0.50

308A0102 LAR-8 bolt stop button pin Price: $0.50

308A0103 LAR-8 bolt stop Price: $8.00

308A0103B LAR-8 bolt stop button Price: $10.00

AR0104 Safety selector lever, standard


Price: $9.00

AR0105 Hammer spring Price: $1.00

308A0107B LAR-8 buffer assembly, standard Price: $15.50

AR0108 Buffer retainer Price: $0.70

AR0109 Buffer retainer spring Price: $0.50

AR0110 Takedown pin spring Price: $0.50

AR0111 Takedown pin detent Price: $0.50

3080112 LAR-8 takedown pin Price: $7.50

308A0113A LAR-8 receiver extension tube, CAR 6-position Price: $20.00

308A0113B LAR-8 receiver extension tube, standard Price: $32.00

308A0115 LAR-8 receiver block Price: $9.00

308A0115P LAR-8 receiver block roll pin Price: $0.75