Item Number Description Price Select
308A0004 LAR-8 Front Sight Housing with Rail Price: $50.00

308A3330ASY LAR-8 Flip Front Sight Gas Block Assembly

With three sling swivels and tactical rail in bayonet lug position.

Price: $100.00

308A0002 LAR-8 crush washer Price: $3.75

AR0005GB Gas tube roll pin Price: $0.50

AR0006B Handguard cap, triangle Price: $2.00

AR0010B A2 Handguard Set, includes liner Price: $19.00

308A0011B LAR-8 gas tube, standard

Stainless steel.

Price: $12.00

308A0011C LAR-8 gas tube, mid-length

Stainless steel.

Price: $12.00

308A0012 LAR-8 handguard snap ring Price: $1.25

308A0013 LAR-8 weld spring Price: $7.00

308A0014 LAR-8 delta ring Price: $8.50

AR0015 Barrel indexing pin Price: $2.00

308A0016 LAR-8 barrel extension Price: $40.00

308A0017 LAR-8 barrel nut Price: $13.00

AR0021 Front sling swivel Price: $3.50

AR0090 Trigger Guard Pin Price: $0.50